Bonded and Insured

The safety of properties, valuables and other belongings is sometimes a major concern
with adults seeking care. It is very common for a homeowner’s insurance to not cover
job-related injuries and theft.
These are valid concerns and at Grace Provider Service we do not take them lightly.
We have ensured that all our Caregivers are bonded and insured. Clients and
their families are protected against potential losses or even liability lawsuits. Our
caregivers are covered by professional and general liability insurance, along with their
compensation plans and are all considered our employees.
Those who transport seniors or any disabled person under their care have personal auto
insurance and valid driver’s license. We also check their Texas Motor Vehicle Records.
Grace Provider Service also provides another layer of protection by providing non-
owned auto insurance coverage. So if there was an accident in the course of a caregiver
visiting your home, the incurred costs would be covered.
As a company dedicated to caring for you and providing high caliber services, you can
have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you will have full compensation if
there is any case of damaged property or theft, knowing our caregivers are all insured
and bonded.