Our Caregivers are Criminal Background Checked

Grace Provider Service deeply cares about those who are unable to care for themselves

– our clients or their loved ones. At the core of the care we provide are our caregivers who are the ones on site caring for our clients. Before anyone joins our team we ensure that a thorough background check has been carried out on the caregiver.

There are several checks we carry out on our caregivers and one such check is Criminal Background Check.

We do not employ or train anyone we have not carried out a criminal background check on.

Why We Conduct Criminal Background Checks

At the heart of our drive to carry out this check or any check at all is our client. Yes you! We want to give you the best of service and ensure you have peace of mind and do not have to look over your shoulders in your own home.

The following are some of the reasons we carry out a thorough Criminal Background Check:

  • Our clients are usually people who cannot care for themselves or their loved ones
    who cannot care for themselves. This means they are generally vulnerable and
    defenseless. It is therefore important that the caregivers we send are not people
    who will take advantage of them instead of providing care.
  • A background check of this form ensures that we do not send criminals to your
    home. This greatly reduces any possibility of your properties being stolen.
  • Trust. We carry out this check to ensure that we send people to your homes that
    are trustworthy. Trust is an important requirement with us. We ensure we can
    trust them but also ensure you can trust them too.
  • To ensure you are confident in our services and you get the care you hired us to
    provide you.
  • To eliminate, as much as we can, every form of friction that may arise between
    our clients and us. If we employ a caregiver with a history of drug abuse or
    violence, besides it meaning we are endangering the lives of our clients, it also
    means we may probably find ourselves in a legal battle. We do not want this.
  • We have a name and a reputation to protect.We usually exclude candidates with a criminal past from our workforce. If a candidate
    only has a case of a simple traffic violation against him or her, that can be overlooked.


But those with cases such as robbery, sexual assault, abuse, several cases of careless driving etc are always excluded.

How We Conduct These Checks

The process we follow in conducting a Criminal Background Check is simple and
straightforward. We collect the information that the applicant has provided us and submit it to a background investigation program and the Department of Justice. The information collected also includes the candidate’s fingerprints for confirmation that all other submitted information is valid. All applicants undergo federal and state livescan
fingerprint background check.

The background investigation program then goes on to scour through the candidates past and reports to us.

Since hiring a caregiver simply means inviting a stranger into your home to look after your loved one who may most likely be unable to protect themselves, we ensure that the caregivers we send to you are not criminals.

We truly care about our clients and go to great lengths to provide only qualified
professionals who have been check.