Our Caregivers Pass Social Security Verification

As we at Grace Provider Service strive to serve you and your love ones and provide you the care you and your loved ones need, we go the lengths to ensure that all our caregivers are properly checked.

We run a background check in different areas to ensure that the caregivers we hire and send to you are exactly who they say they are. Not people hiding behind a different identity. We carry out a Criminal Background Check for this purpose, but we most importantly, require our caregivers to go through the social security verification.

This is a process that benefits all parties involved – Our Clients, Our Caregivers and Grace Provider Service.

Why We Carry Out Social Security Verification

As already stated above, carrying out caregiver/employee social security verification is an important part of our caregiver/employee validation process and has benefits for all the parties involved.

Some of the reasons we do it include:

  1. It is a requirement. The SSA and the IRS require businesses and organizations to
    carry out social security verification for their employees. Failure in doing this can
    result in our being penalized
  2. It’s our way of further validating the identity of the caregivers we send to your
    homes. As a result we always ensure that the records are accurate – the names
    they use at our firms are the same as those on their social security
    details/accounts. This should add to boost your confidence in the identity of the
    caregivers we send to you.
  3. To ensure our caregivers are law abiding citizens. With the social security number
    the government is able to track individual’s earnings and taxes.
  4. With the social security number, the government is able to calculate an
    individual’s social security benefit. This way we play our part in ensuring our
    caregivers are not left of the benefit when they need it.
  5. The social security number is essential for an individual to get a driver’s license.
    What this simply means for you as our client is that those we send you as part ofour transportation service, or those whose service to you includes driving you
    around are doubly verified.


There are several other reasons why we verify our caregiver’s social security numbers
but those highlighted above are among the most important. As for the process we employ in verifying the social security number, we follow the process set out by the government (the Social Security Administration, SSA.) it’s a pretty straight forward and simple process and involves getting their names and social security number and using one of the three ways set forth by the SSA.

Only those applicants who pass the social security verification process are allowed to
work with us. This means their names with us must match the name attached to their
social security number.

In the case of name changes, whether due to marriage or divorce or any other reason,
we require our caregivers to update their details with the SSA.

Grace Provider Service is a responsible company and we take responsibility for both our
clients and our caregivers.