Our Caregivers Have Signature Specialty Training

Grace Provider Service takes the training of her caregivers seriously. Even when we
employ a caregiver who has worked somewhere before, we do not presume they have
all the necessary trainings required to properly discharge their duties.

When we bring onboard a new caregiver we ensure they receive all the necessary
trainings but we also provide signature specialty training for them. This makes it
possible for them to make a great impact on the lives of the clients they serve as well as
have their own lives impacted through the trainings.

  1. Some of the signature trainings that they undergo include the following:
  2. Exclusive fall prevention training.
  3. Whole GPS Diagnosis-Specific Nutrition.
  4. Industry leading Alzheimer’s and dementia training.
  5. An emergency and disaster preparedness training.
  6. GPS-Transitions: Transitional Care Training.

These signature specialty trainings ensure all our caregivers are equipped for different
situations that may arise and are capable of taking care of patients with a wide range of
health conditions and also requirements.

Exclusive Fall Prevention Training:
This signature specialty training covers so much including fall risks factors and
prevention strategies, medication accuracy and reconciliation, home organization and
safety, shower safety measures and more. The training is provided by the Fall
Prevention Program and is a requirement for our caregivers.

Whole GPS Diagnosis-Specific Nutrition:
Our caregivers also undergo our Whole GPS Diagnosis-Specific Nutrition trainings. This is
a training that requires our caregivers to undergo a special nutrition course created in
partnership with registered dieticians and health professionals. The course also comes
with our own diagnosis-specific nutrition guides, recipes and GPS healthy cooking video
series. With this training our caregivers are able to attend to a wide range of patients
with a wide range of nutritional requirements.

Industry Leading Alzheimer’s and Dementia Training:

Our caregivers are specifically trained by the Alzheimer’s Texas on Alzheimer and
Dementia. These trainings include general approaches to use for patients, person-
centered care, and having a great and positive attitude.

Emergency And Disaster Preparedness Training:
This training is carried out in collaboration with the American Red Cross Society. This
training covers the three essentials of what it takes to be “Red Cross Ready” which
are: Being Informed, Making a Plan and Creating an Emergency Kit. Our caregivers
are American Red Cross PREPAREU-trained.

GPS-Transitions: Transitional Care Training:
This caregiver training focuses on client’s transitional care and readmission
prevention, promoting independence and self-care, with a view to ensuring our
clients live well and grow old in their own homes.

Our caregivers do not only get the normal trainings available, they have signature
specialty trainings and are therefore ready to attend to you or your loved ones.