Our Caregivers Have Terrorist Watch List Screening

Grace Provider Service is a company committed to caring for the elderly and disabled
and to their security. We take this very seriously and do everything in our power to
ensure that our clients are not endangered by the caregivers we send to care for them.
Since our clients are usually people who most often cannot defend themselves and are
therefore vulnerable and defenseless, we take it upon ourselves to ensure their safety.
We go great lengths to screen the caregivers we employ and send to your home. As a
result we run several background checks on our caregivers. One such background check
is a terrorist watch list screening.

Why We Carry Out A Terrorist Watch List Screening For Our Caregivers

We do not wish to be rude or offensive with this level of screening but with the field we
are in, it is necessary. The following are reasons we carry out this screening.

  • Client Protection: The very first reason we carry out a terrorist watch list
    screening on our caregivers is your protection. We are committed to your
    protection and to that of your loved ones. We understand that the people we
    normally tend to are mostly vulnerable and unable to care for themselves. As a
    result we do our best to eliminate the chances of them being taken advantage of
    by people we send to your homes.
  • We carry out this screening to eliminate the risk of hiring a dangerous person.
    While it may be true that people who are not on the list may do as much harm to
    our clients as those on the list, we do our best to at least, reduce the chances of
    hiring someone who may pose a threat to our clients.
  • As a reputable and responsible company, it is part of our responsibility to ensure
    the safety of all Americans. And also to simply ensure that our employees are
    good law abiding citizens.
  • Trust. Would you trust a company after it was discovered that it sent someone a
    person on the terrorist watch list?


We could go on and on about the other reasons we do this but it would still boil down to the points covered above.
Caregivers are very sensitive people, and therefore, are to be screened properly to
ensure the care and safety of the clients we send them to.