Our Caregivers Go Through Training and Continuing Education

The state of the person (caregiver) providing care for another person is very important.
This covers health, mental and everything in between. Equally important is the state and
level of education and training the caregiver has undergone – and is currently
undergoing or plans to undergo. It is no secret that people cannot outperform their
And nowhere is it more important for one to have knowledge than in the home care
industry where you are caring for people at critical stages of their lives who may also
have certain health or mental conditions at certain stages and may have specific health
or nutritional needs or requirements.
For this reason, Grace Provider Services constantly trains her caregivers. We provide
ongoing and continuing education for our caregivers so they can effectively and
professionally discharge their duties of caring for you or your loved ones. Our caregivers
are the backbone of our business and we therefore invest in their learning and
Through these trainings, they are able to learn the skills needed to provide person-
centered care in the home. The trainings and continuing education program that Grace
Provider Services puts her caregivers through even covers many difficult topics including
caregiver anger, depression and grief, guilt etc.
There are several other courses and certification they undergo and these trainings cover
broad topics that include caring for themselves while on the job, patient’s nutrition,
emergency planning, client safety, fall risk prevention, and a litany of several other
Besides providing these trainings and continuing education programs for our caregivers,
we also monitor each caregiver’s training progress to ensure that state training
requirements are met on time. It is important for us that our caregivers meet the state
Even while on the job, if a caregiver takes on a client and begins experiencing challenges
in caring for the client, we assess the situation critically and where the caregiver needs a
specific training to be able to overcome these challenges and properly care for the
client, we ensure the caregiver gets the specific training.We personalize our caregivers training and continuing education plan based on each
client’s condition-specific needs. This way all our clients are properly cared for by
caregivers who are qualified to care for them. You and your loved ones can have full
confidence in the ability and competence of the caregiver we assign to you.