One area of a person’s life that starts to suffer as he/she grows old is their social
life. There are several reasons: one may not have the strength to always be
present at functions, or visit friends, or maybe his/her friends are already passing
and others.
The results: whatever the case, one starts feeling lonely, depressed, anxious, and
may begin distancing themselves from others, especially if they start finding it
difficult connecting with those around. Still your loved one will be craving
companionship, especially from a likeminded person.
At Grace Provider Services, our caregivers are trained to be able to offer quality
companionship that will have a positive effect on your loved one and family. We
carefully select caregivers for our clients based on matched personalities and
common interests. They will spend time together with your loved one doing
things that both your loved one and the caregiver will really enjoy. This allows for
a smooth bonding process.

Who Benefits from our Companionship Services?

Individuals with a wide range of conditions and needs can benefit from our companionship services. These include but not limited to:

  • Seniors with illnesses that affect their mobility and therefore cannot go for
    a social visit. If your loved one is in this category, you can hire a caregiver to
    accompany him/her on a social visit or simply visit with your loved one at
    home without your loved one having to go anywhere.
  • A senior feeling depressed or withdrawn due to a recent loss of a loved
  • Individuals currently experiencing cognitive decline or other cognitive
    issues and who will need someone to ease their minds if they begin
    experiencing frustrations, irritation or confusion as a result.
  • Individuals who rely on the companionship of a loved one who works or
    may not be present during the day. While the loved one is away at work,

our caregivers can fill in and provide companionship ensuring the individual
is cared for during the day.

How Our Caregivers Can Help You and Your Loved Ones

The following are some ways our caregivers can provide companionship:

  • Talking about common hobbies or interests.
  • Reminiscing on memories from the past, writing or scrap-booking.
  • Taking your loved one out on a social outing such as to see a movie, restaurant or coffee shop.
  • Planning social visits with family, friends or neighbors.
  • Playing board games such as cards, puzzles or any other game type that will
    help the client with their memory or allow them challenge their brain.
  • Going with the client on a social visit the caregiver has partly planned.

The scenarios for which one may need a professional caregiver for in-home
companionship are much but, whatever the case, Grace Provider Services has
highly trained and qualified caregivers suitable to all individual types and for any