Light Housekeeping

Everyone needs a healthy and clean environment to live happily, more so the
elderly. A person’s environment directly affects their moods. Generally speaking,
the healthier the environment, the healthier the mind, body, and soul. Therefore,
to have healthy happy seniors, it is important that their environment gets cleaned
Yet as one ages, the task of getting the environment cleaned up becomes
increasingly difficult and therefore would require assistance. Otherwise, the
environment will become a brooding ground for bacteria and fungi, and will get
dusty with spiders spinning their webs everywhere making it hazardous for living.
All of these could end up causing different sicknesses for your loved one.
This is another area we can successfully step in and help. With our light
housekeeping services, we get your home successfully cleaned up and create an
environment safe for the habitation of your loved one and you. This way, your
loved one does not have to move into an assisted living facility.

Light Housekeeping Services We Offer:

  • Kitchen Maintenance: It is critical for the kitchen to be properly cleaned
    and maintained that way as this is the place where your loved one’s meals
    are prepared. Our caregivers will go beyond the call of duty to ensure that
    your kitchen is thoroughly cleaned up. The place will be so tidy your loved
    one will love to spend time there.
  • Laundry: Our caregivers will assist with your loved one’s laundry and ensure
    they are always ready to be worn – cleaned and pressed where necessary.
  • Taking out the Trash: It is normal for there to be trash from your loved
    one’s everyday activities. Our caregivers will collect and take them from in
    and around the house and dispose them off properly, ensuring a clean
    environment. Trash will be placed in the trash cans until they are ready for
    external disposal.
  • Bathroom Cleanup and Maintenance: Like your loved one’s kitchen, it is
    extra important for your loved one’s bathroom to be extra tidy and dry at all times. An untidy bathroom can lead to infections for someone who may already be battling an illness. A wet bathroom can result in your loved one slipping and falling. Even those who aren’t battling any illness will require the same tidiness to prevent any. Age makes one vulnerable to these things, and so, whatever has to be done to prevent them will be carried out by our hardworking and caring caregivers.
  • Bedroom Maintenance: This includes all the activities that make the bedroom safe for spending time – everything from changing the linens, cleaning it up, removing of cobweb etc. Our caregivers have the goal of ensuring that the bedroom becomes an enjoyable place to sleep in.
  • Organization: It is highly important for the place your loved one stays in to be organized. Cleaning up is not enough. It has to be de-cluttered, with everything being in its place to avoid home accidents and the risks of your loved one falling.
  • Simple Pet Care: Our caregivers will not only attend to you, they will also provide an extra pair of eyes to watch over and ensure you or your loved one’s pet gets the exercise and nourishment they need. The result: happy you, happy loved one, happy pet, happy life!

Keeping up with the tasks and chores of getting the house and environment clean and safe for habitation becomes increasingly difficult as one ages. But you don’t have to worry about that, Grace Provider Services Caregivers are here for you.