Meal Preparation

With age comes difficulty in doing so many things and dependence on people to
carry out several tasks for you. One such area where one may begin experiencing
difficulty is in the area of preparing his/her meals. But good food and proper
dieting and nutrition play a vital role in your health and fueling of your body.
If you or your loved one ever begins to experience difficulty in preparing meals,
you shouldn’t panic. Grace Provider Services has so many qualified caregivers who
will happily take up the task of preparing your loved one’s meals.

Our Caregivers Qualification and Ways they Can Help

  • At Grace Provider Services, our caregivers are thoroughly trained to be able
    to prepare meals for a wide range of persons. They go through our Whole
    GPS Diagnosis-Specific Nutrition program and guidebook, created in
    partnership with leading health practitioners and nutritionist. They also
    have our GPS Healthy Cooking Video Series to guide them. So irrespective
    of the nutritional and health requirements of your loved ones, or even you,
    they will step up to the plate and deliver the meals that will meet those
    requirements and keep you and your family healthy, satisfied and happy.
  • The program they go through also recognizes that different people may
    have different illnesses, diseases and other conditions and may also be at
    different stages of those conditions. Our caregivers are therefore trained to
    be able to prepare the necessary meals for people with any condition and
    at any stage of these conditions. As stated above, the program our
    caregivers are trained on was created in partnership with leading health
    practitioners and dieticians in the country so you can be sure that your
    loved one is fully covered irrespective of his/her illness or condition.
  • If you or your loved one simply wants to have meals based off of personal
    preferences and not dietary needs, our caregivers are also up to the task.
    They are trained to prepare a wide range of meals including vegetarian,
    kosher or vegan friendly meals. With our caregivers at work, you and your
    loved one can relax and be fully comfortable.
  • Our caregivers do not stop at preparing foods for you and your loved ones. They go on to monitor your fluid and food intake where necessary. This is equally important and our caregivers have been trained to recognize all signs of dehydration before things get bad. This way you or your loved one can be confident in maintaining great health.
  • Besides preparing your meals, in cases where you or your loved one can still prepare your meals yourself but just need to have an extra pair of eyes or extra help while carrying out your kitchen duties, our caregivers will be more than ready to help. The kitchen can sometimes be scary for the elderly but our caregivers will always have you covered.

The older one gets, the more selective and specific his or her meals need to be. Preparing these meals and adhering to a strict diet where applicable can be difficult. Our caregivers can ensure you get what you need without involving yourself in the rigors of preparing them. We will take good care of you.