Medication Reminders

It is very common to have pains or develop different illnesses as one begins to
grow old. As a result, a person will have to constantly be on treatment or
medication to ease the pains and get well. And while an elderly person may know
he or she has to take his medications, sometimes the prescriptions contain
multiple medications to be taken in different ways. This may be confusing.
If your loved one is having problems remembering things, remembering his
medication may be a difficulty. There can be side effects to not taking these
medications or taking them haphazardly. These side effects can range from mild
to life threatening. In cases where your loved one lives alone, the chances of
skipping or even mixing his medication become high and the resulting dangers
also increase.
We care deeply about the elderly and the disabled and therefore have a service to
ensure these occasions are avoided. At Grace Provider Services, our caregivers
ensure the overall health and well-being of your loved one and will therefore see
to it that their medications are taken as at when due. With our medication
management and medication reminders services, our caregivers will ensure your
loved one takes their medication at the right time, right dosage and with care.
Not only will our caregivers ensure this, they will also log the intake for your loved
one’s medical professional to ensure consistent recording and avoid mistakes.

There are several ways our caregivers can help. They include:

  • Pill Organization Setup: Our caregivers will setup a system to organize your
    medication or a pill box where necessary. They will ensure this system is in
    line with what the medical professionals have recommended and that the
    client is comfortable with it. This way, all medications are properly sorted
    out and taken.
  • Medication Logging: Medication intake including how and when it was
    taken is logged daily and at the times it was taken. This makes it possible
    for family members and the medical professionals to have access to this
    information. If the client is experiencing any side effects, it is also logged.
  • Proper Dosage Intake: This is as vital as taking the medication itself, or even more. Our caregivers ensure that every medication is taken as prescribed by the medical professional/doctor. The prescribe plan from the professional is strictly followed. This erases any worries you or your loved ones may have.
  • Side Effect Watch: As stated above, our caregivers keep an open eye to watch out for any unusual signs or side effects the client may be developing from the intake of the prescribed drugs. When not properly monitored, such effects can get a client hospitalized but this doesn’t happen on ou watch as our caregivers are trained to be vigilant. The safety and wellbeing of our clients is of high importance to us.
  • Contacting A Medical Professional: In any instance where a client experiences a serious medical emergency our caregivers will go on to contact the medical professional/doctor in charge of the client’s case. This will foster speedy attention to be given to our client.

While our caregivers do not administer medications through IV therapy, injections, suppositories or force feeding by law, they are able to ensure your loved one’s medication is properly administered or taken by them – even if all they have to do is create an organization system and remind them.