Personal Care

In need of care services that require a caregiver to be there and provide hands-on
help to enable your loved ones perform their daily tasks? Our Caregivers are right
here for that. They are trained to provide these services so that you or your loved
one can have the best life while aging with grace.
To get our Caregivers to perform at their best, they are extensively trained. With
their services, you and your family can go on living life in a familiar and
comfortable environment – your home. You and your loved ones can be sure you
are in good hands.
The range of personal care services that our caregivers offer include:
Personal Hygiene: Hygiene is a matter of critical importance and we do not take it
lightly. If bathing or cleaning up becomes a matter of concern or difficult, our
caregivers will provide the required assistance – sponge baths, bathing, showering
etc. Whatever the activity required to ensure the hygiene of your loved one, our
caregivers will be there to support or even carry it out.

Restroom Support: it is not uncommon for one to have difficulty using the
restroom unaided as they grow old. If this happens to be the case with your loved
one, our caregivers will be there to provide the needed assistance, irrespective of
the bathroom activity – defecation, urgent urination, incontinence care,
inconsistency assistance and clean up.

Body and Skin Care: Caring for the body is both a priority and a part of our
caregivers’ trainings. They can help with various activities including the
application of lotion to dry skins, caring for and brushing the hair, and oral
hygiene activities such as helping you or your loved ones brush their teeth.

Dressing and Appearance: It is of utmost importance that an elderly person
wears the proper clothing, especially if they are susceptible to falling. Our
caregivers can pick out the best and proper clothes for your loved ones to wear
on, and help them put them on if they are not steady on their feet.

Assisted Motion: Our caregivers can help with assisting you or your loved one
move about if you are ambulating and also ensure the environment is safe for
movement by removing clutters and clearing the home to ensure safety.
As a person ages, performing the above mentioned activities and more becomes a
difficulty and help is therefore required. This is where our caregivers come in.
They are trained to provide in-home personal care for you or your loved one to
enable them carry out the activities they want to carry out and live life to their
best and fullest.