Real Time Caregiver Monitoring System

Our Caregiver selection process includes a very detailed screening process. For
them to join our team, they must complete this 24 point screening process. When
they finally get on our team, they are also further given industry leading trainings
to ensure proper dispersion of duty and care.
At Grace Provider Services we place a high premium on punctuality as it is
intricately important that our caregivers are punctual for duty. This is especially
important as they will be tending to seniors or disabled people who will need
them to be on site as quickly as possible. We therefore require them to arrive at
our client’s residence on or before time.
Grace Provider Services utilizes a state of the art Real Time Caregiver Monitoring
System to oversee our caregivers’ visits. With the system, we can record their
attendance in real time and log and notate whatever shifts they schedule. It also
notifies us if a caregiver fails to arrive at a client’s residence within minutes of
their shift. On such occasions, we immediately and continuously try to establish
contact with the said caregiver till it is certain they have gotten to their
This system helps to reduce human errors and even manual documentation as a
lot of the documentation takes place automatically. Our billing system is also
improved by this system as the data collected integrates easily into the billing
system. This ensures accuracy, efficiency and proper resolution of any conflict
that may arise regarding caregiver schedules.
More importantly, the system enables us to better communicate with our
caregivers so we are able to provide great and consistent in home care services
for you and your loved ones.