Disease Specific Care

Grace Provider Services is in partnership with several healthcare institutions and, are
therefore, always kept abreast with information concerning the management and
treatment of diseases. Our caregivers are also equipped with this information so they
can correctly care for our clients.
While conducting our in-home consultation, we carefully and diligently asses the current
medical conditions, your needs and those of your family. After this, the care we provide
your loved one will be designed to meet his or her condition and needs.
A few health conditions and some of the ways our caregivers help include;

Heart Disease: Logging the results of daily blood pressure; preparing nutritious meals to
meet necessary dietary needs; regularly and properly exercising for maintaining a
healthy heart; Every Grace Provider Services caregiver is CPR certified.

Diabetes: Preparation of nutritious and healthy meals for diabetic patients; constantly
watching blood glucose levels and logging them; encouraging of cardio exercises for the
promotion of good health and prevention of hypertension.

Cancer: Prevention of walking problems and general weakness using passive or active
range of motion; motivating and encouraging of clients for improved emotional
wellbeing; increasing energy by preparing nutritious meals.

Hospice: Ensuring continuity of care by working with your hospice provider; ensuring
peace and comfort by managing symptoms and pain; offering services focused on
providing emotional support and comfort to our client and family members; helping
with personal care requirements.

Alzheimer’s/Dementia: Ensuring proper and timely intake of meals and medication;
prevention of further anxiety and confusion by making use of distraction and
redirection; bringing favorite pastimes to remembrance and setting up familiar pictures
of members of the family as a way of creating a comfortable and safe environment;
ensuring home safety by providing protective supervision.