Beyond Balance Fall Prevention Program

Eliminating or, at least, preventing falls is a priority for seniors and their caregivers. Statistics from the National Council on Aging Reports is both alarming and disheartening. Reports from the council say that one in four Americans, 65 years plus, falls yearly; an older adult is treated every 11 seconds in the emergency room for a fall; while an older adult falls to their death every 19 minutes.

Fall prevention is our priority and a specialty at Grace Provider Services. Our Beyond Balance Fall Prevention Program aims to reduce patient falls and the injuries and hospital readmissions that result from the falls to their barest minimum. We accomplish this by educating both patient and caregiver on topics including therapy for balance and strengthening, medication management and assessment, environmental modification and home safety.

Features of Our Beyond Balance Fall Prevention Program:

  • General education and instruction on home safety.
  • Home assessment.
  • Environmental screening and modification recommendations.
  • Screening of patients to assess their risks of falling using specific evidence based tools.
  • Intervention based on findings from the screenings.
  • Medication assessment, management and monitoring.
  • Referring of patient to occupational or physical therapist for more evaluations and/or further/specific intervention.
  • Where and when necessary, referring patient, family members and caregivers to community resources for home modification.
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration for better patient outcomes. (The collaborating personnel include social workers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses)
  • Caregiver/Patient educational materials for continuous reinforcement.